Flaction Vins

Flaction Vins

Around 20 years ago, vintner Cédric Flaction dreamt of making ageworthy table wines. His wish has now come true.

Ripened on the rocky sunlit slopes of Batassé and Molignon, before being aged in small barrels, Flaction's three specialities have patois names that reflect the terroir from which they originate. They are a tribute to the people who first built these terraced vineyards and their dry-stone walls more than a century ago.

Lo Grafion – or “black cherry” – is a dark red wine with spicy notes.

Torpa – or “sun-scorched” – is a dry white wine with a golden yellow hue along with intriguing hints of citrus and vanilla.

Thirdly, Lo Teron is a complex, exotically sweet dessert wine suitable for quiet meditation, showing apricot and pineapple notes.

Cédric Flaction's bottle labels depict a scythe that cut the type of stones that were used to built the cathedrals of old.

Flaction Vins

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