Dubuis & Rudaz


Two wine-loving friends founded Dubuis & Rudaz in 1985. What was initially a sideline business become a full-time occupation for trained winemaker Philippe Dubuis, whose daughter Caroline began helping out at the property a few years ago.

All efforts at Dubuis & Rudaz are focused on the sole objective of producing high-quality wine while maintaining the natural assets with which the estate is endowed.

The property comprises over 17 hectares of the sunniest vineyard slopes in Central Valais.

Since 1995, Dubuis & Rudaz have been fully compliant with the Vitival standards that advocate environmentally sound viticulture.

The company changed their approach in 2000, switching to organic and then biodynamic farming. Dubuis & Rudaz are also committed to enhancing the landscape and preserving the dry-stone walls that frame their vineyards.

The result are wines that are borne of the soil, the rain and the sun – as well as the human hands that tended the grapes.


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